Anna Edgar

Anna EdgarAnna has worked in English language teaching for all of her working life. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics. At Newcastle College and then Durham University she worked with a range of refugees, academics and managers. For the last twenty years, since her children left home, she has worked as a teacher trainer, examiner and consultant in many countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Serbia. When in cities she likes to wander, and when in the countryside she likes to hike. She has a large collection of photographic memories. Her particular interest when travelling is in the history, art and culture of comparative religions. She is currently engaged in projects for the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba, UNICEF in Lebanon, and is a visiting lecturer on the MA programme in English Language Studies at Durham University.
Anna has had a home in the North East for 40 years, and when in Berwick enjoys swimming, yoga classes and is a member of two writing groups.