Kristian Pedersen

Kristian PedersonKristian Pedersen is based at the University of Edinburgh. Most of his research concerns the Stone Age of the North Sea littoral, especially the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, and responses to the rising sea-levels of the Holocene, which swamped extensive tracts of land which are now under the North Sea.. This research is undertaken primarily in the North-East of England and the South-East of Scotland, but he maintains an interest in South Scandinavia. He has a particular interest in the exploitation of wetlands and riparian environments, which is currently being pursued in the Scottish Borders and Lothians, and has begun to investigate beach ridges and wetlands between the River Tyne and the Firth of Forth.
His interests outside the Stone Age are mediaeval fisheries and the Viking Age in the British Isles, working on these in the Highlands and along North Sea coasts.
Kristian maintains a research interest in the Archaic and Woodland of the Great Lakes littoral in North America, and often spends his summers there, as well as visiting to lecture and to view collections.